Fitzgerald Neighbours

Fitzgerald Neighbours is a residents association established in 2017 in midtown St. Catharines.

We believe that great things happen when neighbours know one another. Once a month we host a meet-up to brainstorm ways neighbours can make the Fitz more accessible, safe and welcoming for everyone. With an eye for placemaking and community design we work together to harness community assets for the common good.

What is the Fitz?

Simply put, we are a group of people who live close-by and feel that being neighbours starts with getting to know one another’s names. We work towards building relationships with one another and spending time together to learn about what makes us strong, what skills we have to share and how we can use those skills to build our community into a thriving and inclusive neighbourhood where everyone feels safe and welcome.

  • We plan community-wide events.
  • We participate in place-making activities such as ice-rinks and community gardens.
  • We work towards strong community planning and talk about park improvements that increase the connectivity of our green spaces.
  • We work with community partners and stakeholders to have larger conversations about how to make our neighbourhood more accessible and inviting.
  • We build relationships with local businesses to encourage economic growth and opportunities.
  • We have big conversations about gentrification, racism, privilege and inclusivity.
  • We become friends.

To find out more about our story, the models we follow and who makes up our Core team, click the link below.