Terry Fox Trail Naturalization Plan

Presented by Fitzgerald Neighbours

The Terry Fox Trail is a popular 1.5-kilometre walkway through the heart of our neighbourhood, connecting three city parks from Carlton Street to Geneva Street.

This corridor contains abundant mature trees, native plants and wildlife, and other natural features integral to the health and well-being of our community. Looking forward, these natural assets will be foundational to our efforts to adapt to and mitigate the local effects of the climate crisis.

This plan seeks to protect and support those resources while devoting additional space to long-term naturalization and restoration planting of additional native tree and plant species along the trail.

Benefits of Naturalization

  • Supporting biodiversity and habitat resilience
  • Increased tree canopy, providing shade for park users and surrounding homes; cleaner cooler summer air; carbon sequestration
  • Decreased CO2 emissions, particulate air pollution and noise pollution
  • Lower ground temperatures in summer, less soil compaction, slower stormwater runoff
  • Increased availability of public access to natural spaces

Goals & Plan

We submit this proposal with the goals of increasing the tree canopy along the trail with a native tree planting project; preserving and enhancing the natural features already on the trail; and developing new naturalized areas, all in partnership with the City of St. Catharines.

Our plan for spring 2022 includes four components, which you can read in the full proposal below.

Click here to read the full Terry Fox Trail naturalization plan!