Vision for Community Murals in the Fitz

As a neighbourhood association we are really excited when we can bring people together and do something creative. Creativity brings people together, shows us that we all have something to offer and gives us an excuse to do something fun together. Public art is a common way that communities come together to build friendships and collectively join together to accomplish something.

We have a vision to do some public art in the Fitz. We have a couple ideas of where we want to do this and would love your feedback on how to get this accomplished.

  • Hamdani: We have a large industrial building at the heart of our neighbourhood with huge blank walls. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were able to partner with the Hamdanis to put a mural up in our community? Let us know what wall you could envision and what we could do on it.
  • Geneva Street Tunnel: The Geneva Street tunnel, the entrance into the Fitz is a constant eye sore with tags and misplaced graffiti. We would love to partner with some local artists to make this an awesome statement piece, welcoming visitors to the Fitz. This location is a bit tricky as the road is regional. We would need to get the City involved in the planning of this one to start to make headway. Do you have any connections at the municipal level? Let us know how we can make a statement as people come into the Fitz.

These are two places we would love to do some art. Where do you see potential? Are you an artist or do you know of an artist who could help out? Let us know how we can make our neighbourhood a welcoming and creative space through the use of public art.