Community Garage Sale

In June we had our second annual Community Garage Sale in Catherine Street park. It was a fabulous morning where we were able to see the full illustration of  the saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” At times, it felt like we were just swapping our wears and in turn getting to know each other better and becoming better neighbours.

This year we changed location from the Terry Fox Trail to Catherine Street park to get more visibility and to also open up the space for more vendors. We have received mix reviews as to whether this was a good choice. If you participated in the garage sale as either a vendor or a purchaser, we would love your feedback and comments. Leave us your thoughts below and we can add it to our evaluation for next year.

Overall, our goal was accomplished: become better neighbours. We had a blast out their together and we hope that some of you were able to benefit from it as well!